Sea of Legends : Rise of the Ancients (Exp. 1) EN


This expansion nearly doubles the base game content! Giving 4 new captains to play as. As well as 4 new factions to play against. All can be played and mixed with base game captains and factions.

The base game is required to play.


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Grimwald - Isn't letting a little curse get him down. This dead man doesn't have to worry about dying again.

Jack - Rules her ship with steel and spit. She's the type to stab first and ask questions later. Nobody is getting the jump on her!

Matchlock - Always brings his guns to a knife fight, or a sword fight, or any type of fight for that matter. And he's just itching for trouble. Or maybe that's fleas?

Liu - Has a short fuse and a real knack for blowing things up, especially her enemies. Turns out, cannonballs are a girl's best friend.

Ordo of Nocturnus - sends their initiates to infiltrate the ports, establishing secret cults. Once they have five in place, they summon their demon-prince, Nocturne.

Aztec Reawakening - players will receive a cursed Aztec coin whenever they’d gain 5 or more gold at one time. These coins have negative effects similar to Nemesis abilities.

Sea’s Fury - the coven of sea witches believes all pirates are guilty of stealing their relics. The Spirit of Vengeance summons Sea Elementals that will try to sneak aboard your ship and take relics back.

Harpy’s Descent - the player with the most Notoriety will get a Hunted token, the Harpy chases down that player.

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