Solo and 6th player modes are coming, as well as new modules and gameplay configurations, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for veterans and new players alike.

All designed by Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage , the duo behind the entire Kemet range.

As well as adding additional content and gameplay configurations to the Blood and Sand range, this crowdfunding campaign will see the launch of a large scale discussion with the community regarding the future of Kemet.

Our team has been working on some exciting potential features for the range that will be unveiled during the campaign. Together, we'll shape the future of these sand-filled lands!


Amethyst tiles are coming to Kemet: Blood and Sand! Originally developed for the Seth expansion of the first version of Kemet, this set of tiles has been completely reworked, and will be accessible to all players. Unleash cunning powers, deadly summonings, and take full advantages of the veteran tokens! You can learn more about this set of tiles by reading our designer diary on BGG


A versatile color, Amethyst tiles enhance your adaptability, enabling you to deal with any situation. Monsters of this color, such as the giant crocodilethe vulture and the hypnotic snake will get new miniatures and effects, changing the dynamics of the game. You can discover some of the tiles and their powers with the video below!

 A new tile color is revealed, and with it, a new unit type: Servants! Inspired by the Ta-Seti priests, Servants are recruted by buying specific amber tiles. Like creatures, they bring a bonus to the troop they join, and the same troop can now host both a creature and a servant, multiplying the possible combos!

In addition to bringing 6 types of Servants (each with a unique effect), the Amber Pyramid will also come with 2 Creatures. The rest of the Amber tiles will increase your troops' survivability, so they can benefit even more from the effect of the servants and creatures! You can discover some of the Amber tiles and their powers in the video below.

With a streamlined set of rules and an acclaimed upgrades mechanism, Kemet: Blood and Sand has cemented itself as one of the most revered staples of the "dudes on the map" genre of board games. The game puts (originally) 2 to 5 player in the shoes of mythological gods fighting for dominance over ancient Egypt.

Lead your troops across the lands, recruit deadly creatures, gain new powers, and crush your opponents!

Yes, everything contained in this new campaign will be fully compatible and integrates with Kemet: Blood and Sand. We’re developing modules, and not a standalone. Kemet: Blood and Sand remains as the core-box of the range and is needed to play with the new content.

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